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Oct 18th 2013

speaking  engagement

of Khalilah Camacho Ali


Footage from October 18, 2013 speaking engagement at the Alexander Ocean Front Resort with special guest speaker Khalilah Ali

Muhammad Ali Havoc RAP Tribute by Belinda Khalilah Camacho Ali

@FormerMrsAli Muhammad Ali Film Co-Featuring the former Mrs Muhammad Ali Khalilah Ali review in LA Times



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WHPK  News from the Service Entrance


WGN Radio Chicago Interviews the Former Mrs Muhammad Ali

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WVON Chicago Interviews the Former Mrs Muhammad Ali  

HUFFPOST Live. "The Wife and Trials of Muhammad Ali"

Associated Press (AP) reported on the Muhammad Ali film co-featuring the Former Mrs Muhammad Ali (FormerMrsAli) Khalilah Ali On 10/2/13 at 8:17 PM "You're talking about one of the most famous people in recent history."
The Tom Joyner Morning Show:
Segment with Khalilah Camacho-Ali about THE TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI 
   The Trials Of Muhammad Ali, Co-featuring Khalilah Camacho Ali In Theaters Nationally, Tell All Book To Follow, Sports Techie blog Khalilah Camacho Ali is Co-
Featured in the newly released
film "The Trials Of Muhammad Ali"
In theaters 9/27 nationally!   
Huffington Post blog story on the NEW Muhammad Ali doc The Trials of Muhammad Ali! Co featuring Khalilah Camacho Ali
Radio Islam: Documentary Release, "The Trials of Muhammad Ali"  Friday, November 8, 2013    Huffington Post Live: New Documentary 'The Trials Of Muhammad Ali' Spotlights Boxing Legend's Life In Chicago   WBEZ The Afternoon Shift:
'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' and November album review
  WHPK Chicago: News from the Service Entrance - (Thursday at 3:15PM CT)
Children's Learning By Coloring Book - written by Khalilah Camacho Ali

This Children's Learning by coloring book written by Khalilah Camacho Ali is a coloring book that has illustrations that teaches children the right way to do things, such as good manners and good behavior.  It starts off with the question " What's wrong with this picture" and it shows illustrations of an improper situation, so that you can try to solve it.    Then if you can't solve it, you turn the page and it will show you the solution and the reason why you should do it another way, and it explains why it's for your safety.


Khalilah Camacho Ali is Co-Featured in the newly released film "The Trials Of Muhammad Ali" in theaters now nationally!

Link here for theater showings

The Former Mrs Muhammad Ali (Khalilah Camacho  Ali) has been approached to write her tell all book, about working, living and supporting the most famous man on earth.   Having the first four of Muhammad Ali's children, (Maryum, Rasheda, Jamillah and his only son born Muhammad Ali), and living with him during the most turbulate times in thier lives. Fighting in the Courts with the United States Government, instead of fighting in the ring with other boxing opponents, by refusing to serve in the United States military. Losing his boxing license, in turn losing his only means to earn a decent living for his wife, Khalilah and their children together.

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Khalilaha Camacho Ali is a Mother - Speaker - Author - Humanitarian 

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